Wireless Network Penetration Test

What is a Wireless Network Penetration Test?

Wireless networks are abundant in our modern society. Deploying wireless infrastructure can offer greater flexibility and mobility for employees, but it comes with greater potential for attack as it expands your organisation’s logical perimeter beyond the walls of your office. From rogue access points to weak encryption algorithms, threats to wireless networks are unique and the risks can be significant.

Many industry professionals dismiss the very real security issues that come with extending a wired network to support wireless connectivity. While the benefits of wireless connectivity are numerous, so too are the risks when the infrastructure is not configured correctly — an attacker now has the ability to gain unauthorised access to your corporate network from the coffee shop across the street. Guest and Public Wi-Fi may also be a problem if not properly segmented from the corporate Wi-Fi network.

For the very best results, Aurian's consultants use all the same techniques — including highly sophisticated manual efforts — and equipment to infiltrate your wireless network that a highly motivated bad actor might use.

Did You Know?

  • Wireless networks present an easier and more convenient exploitation path for attackers than a conventional wired network.

  • Attackers generally consider wireless networks to be the ideal entry point into an organisation's network and systems.

  • Wireless traffic is easily intercepted and monitored. By listening into the airwaves, attackers can gather information such as usernames, passwords, network file shares and information about the types of devices employees are using.

  • In most cases, a corporate wireless network is a simple extension of the internal corporate network — if an attacker compromises the wireless security, they gain direct access to the internal network and sensitive business information.

  • Attackers can set up rogue wireless networks that appear to be legitimate corporate wireless networks in order to obtain information such as usernames and passwords or to masquerade as the target organisation.

Why Choose Aurian?

Wi-Fi can provide opportunities for attackers to infiltrate an organisation’s secured environment – irrespective of security access controls.

Our Wireless Network Penetration Tests help identify weaknesses in your wireless infrastructure, and provide benefits including:

  • Identification of all access points operating in your organisation — including those that are unauthorised or impersonating your legitimate access points
  • Assessing the signal spillage outside the physical boundary of your office
  • Determining effectiveness of current security controls, including wireless encryption, pre-shared key recovery and session hijacking
  • Determining the access paths an attacker can follow if they gain access to your wireless network
  • Identification of information being inadvertently broadcast by wireless devices.