Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

We find the entry points before the bad guys.

Our network penetration testing exercises will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise your systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorised access to sensitive data or even system hijacking for malicious and non-legitimate purposes.

While rudimentary vulnerability discovery can be done using automated tools, for the very best results our testers will use all the same techniques — including highly sophisticated manual efforts — to access the target network that a motivated bad actor might use.

We offer network penetration testing in three primary areas —

External Network Penetration Testing

Our External Network Penetration Test will emulate an attacker trying to break into your network from across the Internet.

We will perform a deep-dive analysis of your network perimeter and identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that a hacker could use as potential entry points into your network.
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Internal Network Penetration Testing

Our Internal Network Penetration Test will map out your corporate network and determine just how far a compromised asset or unruly employee could infiltrate corporate systems and services.

We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your corporate network to determine the extent to which it is susceptible to malicious efforts. By moving through the network in an attempt to access the data that matters most, we simulate just how devastating an insider attack can be.
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Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Employing a wireless solution can offer greater flexibility, but it comes with greater potential for attack as it expands your organisation’s logical perimeter.

From rogue access points to weak encryption algorithms, threats to wireless networks are unique and the risks can be significantly devastating.
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