Internal Network Penetration Test

What is an Internal Network Penetration Test?

An Internal Network Penetration Test mimics the intentions and actions of an attacker or malicious insider exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your corporate network. The attacks are typically those that affect the integrity, availability or confidentiality of corporate systems and the data contained within them.

Simulating an already compromised internal asset or an unruly employee, our Internal Network Penetration Test will determine the extent to which your corporate network is susceptible to malicious efforts and just how easily an attacker can access the data that matters most to your organisation.

Indeed, some network vulnerability discovery can be done using automation, but for the very best results, Aurian's consultants use all the same techniques — including highly sophisticated manual efforts — to access the target network that a highly motivated bad actor might use.

Did You Know?

  • Aurian's consultants have a 100% success rate in obtaining unauthorised access on internal engagements.

  • 98% of Internal Penetration Tests uncover personally identifiable customer information stored in an unencrypted format.

  • 100% of Internal Network Penetration Tests identify instances of sensitive corporate data being transferred via unauthorised file sharing services or personal storage devices.

  • 95% of internal assessments discover users actively attempting to curcumvent corporate security policies.

  • Nearly two-thirds of all data breaches result not from direct outside penetration of an organisation's network, but from attacks launched on or through third-party vendors.

Why Choose Aurian?

Insider threats are among the most difficult for enterprises to detect and stop. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer scope for attacks. This includes everything from staff accidentally losing or damaging data, to malicious actors stealing information or compromising systems.

Our unique and proprietary Internal Network Penetration Test approach is formulated on industry leading methodologies such as the Penetration Testing Execution Standard.

Our consultants are highly skilled penetration testers who can test your network and systems for vulnerabilities, carry out exploits in a safe and controlled manner, and advise on appropriate remedial measures to make sure that your systems are secure without the technical jargon.

Our Internal Network Penetration Tests provide you with an independent perspective on your organisation's public presence, and provide benefits including:

  • Identification and assessment of all internal assets an attacker could use to escalate privileges in your network
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your firewalls and other intrusion-detection systems
  • Identification and detailed listing of any patches that need to be installed
  • Identification of current encryption protocols and suggestion for implementation of more secure protocols
  • A feeling of confidence that your internal network can stand up to current threats and attacks employed by malicious individuals, once any weak points have been remediated.